This afternoon I was walking around the yard and was delighted to see that the rhubarb had started to grow. The leaves were getting large and green, while the stalks were getting tall and strong. Yet it was not the beauty of the plant that excited me; it was what I had to look forward to. You see, that rhubarb plant would soon become rhubarb pie, or rhubarb muffins, or rhubarb sauce (to put on top of my ice cream), or rhubarb crisp …

Ah, the potential in that little plant. It was still quite small now, but within a few weeks it would be ready to be used to make any of the delights I was dreaming of. I truly like anything made from rhubarb. One summer I was house sitting and the yard had a massive rhubarb patch. I was given permission to use as much rhubarb as I wanted, so that summer I perfected the art of making rhubarb crisp, which I ate for breakfast, lunch and supper! Seriously!

Even with my limited imagination I can see great potential in that little rhubarb plant. I wonder what God sees as he looks at us? Does he see all that we can be, if we yield ourselves to Him? Does He see the impact our lives will have on so many people over the years? Does He see how many people we will be able to point to Jesus? Does God look at us only for what we are, or also for what we can be?

I tend to think God delights in looking beyond what we are today to see what we can be, by His grace, tomorrow. I say this because God often changed people’s names to reflect what they would become, not who they were. Abram (exalted father) was renamed Abraham (father of many) as God saw what was ahead for Abraham’s family. Jacob (heal grasper) became Israel (one who strives with God). Simon (he has heard) becomes Peter (rock). God sees the potential in each one of us, and by His Spirit leads us to fulfill that potential.

Maybe this is why God never gives up on us. He sees what we can be if we trust and obey Him. Sadly, how often do we fail to become all God desires us to be because we do not listen to Him? May we trust God to make us all we can be.

– Pastor Gary

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