Childrens Church

The Nanaimo Church of the Nazarene is committed to thephysical, social, mental, and spiritual growth of children. 

Children’s Church is a fun-filled time for children ages 4 through Grade 6.

We endeavor to provide an active, hands-on learning approach that will help kids–

  discover essential physical, social, mental, and spiritual skills

  develop self-esteem through recognition of their achievements

  experience positive interaction with caring adults and peers

  grow in their understanding of and appreciation for being part of  God’s church family

Celcilia Lorenzo heads up our ministry to children, and her team of volunteers provide weekly teaching and training for the children. The last Sunday of each month the children participate in the service, leading the worship songs, presenting scripture, drama and special numbers, even doing the greeting and taking up the offering. This is their church, and they are learning they have much to give in the Family of God.