The Pastor’s Blog – EMMANUEL: GOD WITH US

It is Christmas Eve, just a few hours before our Christmas Eve services. Since Christmas is such an important time for worship we chose to hold two Christmas Eve services. This would allow more people to attend despite COVID restrictions. In the past – pre-COVID years – the church was full of people seeking to worship the newborn King.

This year few people signed up to come to either service. And as I look outside, I see the snowflakes are drifting down in great abundance. Who knows how much snow we will accumulate before service time. Maybe people actually watch the weather forecast and that is why they were hesitant to come. Of course there are family gatherings and travel out of town, but as I sit in the sanctuary enjoying the peaceful quiet I wonder, “Who will come?”

Though no one has phoned to say they were not coming – yet – I anticipate there will be a few calls. Of course some people will simply not show up. I will assume they are safe at home. So what if I am the only one here tonight?

The story of Christmas assures me I will not be alone. If not one other person arrives for the service, I will not be alone. This is the message of Emmanuel! God is with us – always. And if God is here, I can still worship, for He alone is the object of my worship and praise. Thank you, Jesus, that you were, are and always will be, “Emmanuel: God with us.” This is why every Christmas is a blessed Christmas!

– Pastor Gary

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