The Pastor’s Blog – THE END OF THE RAINBOW

What is at the end of the rainbow? When I was a boy we used to say it would be a pot of gold (not necessarily the box of chocolates by that name, but that would be nice!) We believed that if we could get to where the rainbow touches the earth we would find a treasure.

It is that time of year when storms come and go, and sometimes in between we get a brief glimpse of the sun. As the sun’s rays break through the clouds, a rainbow graces our skies. Looking out of my office window I saw this rainbow over the school that is next to the church. I followed the rainbow’s graceful arch in the sky, and where did it end? In my city, just a few blocks from where the church is located.

As I stood there admiring the rainbow I sensed the Lord speaking to me. So many times we look to other places and other circumstances to find our happiness. Recently I admired the pictures of a friend touring Egypt. To be there would certainly make me happy!

Yet the message God wanted me to receive that day was the treasure was right here. Where God has planted us is the best place to be. It is here that God has a task for each one of us. Right here, right now there is someone God wants us to share the Gospel with. We do not have to wait for the next Work & Witness project to find an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with someone in a tangible way. There are people today in our city who need the Gospel.

The greatest place to be today is where God has planted us. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow isn’t in some far distant place. It is where we live right now. And the treasure is the community you live in, the people all around you – friends, neighbours, strangers. All are precious to Jesus and we are here to let them know about the message of salvation found only in Jesus. Luke 12:34 says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

– Pastor Gary

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