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Peace! Be Still!

The words of Jesus, “Peace! Be Still!” are words we need to hear again today.

Jesus first spoke those words to a storm that was threatening to swamp the boat the disciples were in. The disciples were terrified as the waves crashed against their boat, and started to fill their vessel. The wind was so strong they could make no headway. The waters were so rough it felt like the boat might capsize at any moment. The disciples were truly frightened, despite the fact most had years of experience on the water as fishermen.

Jesus was in the boat with the disciples, but he was not in the least upset. In fact, he was sleeping through all this. He knew that he was in the hands of the Heavenly Father and whatever happened next was up to Him. He rested in the assurance that his life was safe in the hands of the Father. He was at peace.

The disciples did not share that confidence yet. So they woke Jesus up and said, “Don’t you care if we drown?” (Mark 4:38) Jesus got up and said those wonderful words to the storm, “Peace! Be still!” (Mark 4:39). Immediately the storm stopped and all was peaceful.

I do not go out on the ocean, nor do I boat much on the lake, but there can be great storms in my heart. I can be troubled by all the demands on my life, the decisions that need to be made, the people that need help. The storms are internal, so no one else sees them but God alone. As the storms rage within, Jesus turns to me and says, “So what will you do?”

Of course, what Jesus wants us to do is to ask Him to calm the storm. He wants us to trust that He is still in control and He will not let us drown. Jesus is ready to stand up in the boat of our life and call out to our storm, “Peace! Be still!”

When we finally say “Yes” to Jesus and let Him speak peace into our lives, the storms settle and the turmoil ceases. Does this mean the circumstances have all changed and there is no external pressure? No, it simply means we are trusting, and there is peace. Then inside we are as peaceful as a placid pond on a fall day…

– Pastor Gary

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