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“Honey, can you help me?”

I know what that means. My wife has a task for me. It is not a “honey do list” because that list is of things I need to get around to. This kind of request means we need to do something now!
The project? Help her remove a shelving unit from the place where she worked. It was a unit that was not being used and it just took up space.

I was sure the Re-Store for Habitat for Humanity would take it and make a few dollars for this worthy cause, so I loaded the pieces of the cabinet into my car (no small feat) and drove to the store. They were closed. It took three tries to get that shelf to the store, and when we did, the person receiving donations said they did not want it. She thought it would not sell.

I decided to try my daughter’s approach to “unwanted” items – put them online. I set up the shelving unit, took pictures and posted an ad online through Facebook. I even asked money for the unit. Within two hours it was sold, and a very happy person came by and picked it up for a new store she was setting up!

I thought, “Too bad the woman at the Re-Store did not see the potential in that shelving unit. Others did, and they really wanted it! She would not take it for free, while others were willing to pay for it!”

Sometimes we treat others like that display case. We may see them not all put together and fail to see the potential. We give up on them too soon.

But someone sees their potential, and the next thing we hear is how happy and successful that person has become. We are happy for them, but we want to kick ourselves for not seeing the potential in them.

When God says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” he was looking at us, knowing the potential in all of us if we simply give our lives over to Him. Knowing our potential, He sees that we can prosper, if we do things His way. I am so glad God sees what we can be and does not give up on us when he sees us all in pieces. Maybe there is a masterpiece in me yet!

– Pastor Gary

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  1. Elena Kadteel Bartkowski

    This is such a great message Pastor Gary, Thank you so much, it gives me hope & more strength to keep going day by day!! Sure glad God sees a potential in me. I am thankful He gives me the potential of not giving up, but that I have been given potential in certain areas of my life.
    Thank you Jesus

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