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The property next to our house is a small farm where sheep are raised. It is only a two-acre property, and every year there are less and less sheep as the owners grow older. This spring there were only two ewes that lambed just last week. One mom had one lamb, the other mom had triplets!

My wife and I love to watch the lambs as they play in the yard. They do not walk; neither do they run. They bounce! It is so fun to watch them leap around the yard, playfully annoying mother sheep, or chasing each other. They are so carefree and full of life. I do not know the mind of a sheep, but I would say they are almost joyful!

As I watched the lambs bounce through the grass I envied them. Covid has drained a lot of joy. Few people have a bounce in their step. Meanwhile the lambs are so carefree, as if they do not have a concern in the world. As long as they see their mothers, they are happy. When they do not see them, they cry out with high pitched bawls that can keep a person awake at night (guess how I now this?

This week I was reading through Psalm 5 and found these words:
But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
Let them ever sing for you,
Spread your protection over them,
That those who love your name may rejoice in you. (v. 11)

As I read this, and remembered the loving protection of Jesus, I could almost feel the joy returning. I thought about how blessed my world is, how God has provided for every need, and my heart felt light. I see Jesus at work all around me and I am at peace. The more I thought about the goodness of God, the more I felt the joy return. I am not bouncing like the lambs, but my step is lighter because of Jesus. Now, may I share this joy with others. I hope you will as well!

– Pastor Gary

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