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At Christmas I love to sit by the tree listening to Christmas songs and sipping a hot drink. Our living room becomes a haven of peace. With no TV and no computer to distract, I listen to the songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus so long ago. No matter how hectic the day has been, how demanding or trying, there is this place of quiet refuge where I can spend time in the presence of the Prince of Peace. I think every family needs a place like this in their home.

Now families with small kids are likely saying, “Are you kidding?” But even they can establish a place to be quiet, a place to read the Christmas story together or play a game under the tree, or maybe do a puzzle. Be creative … That popcorn decorated tree is the same tree our children sat under as they were growing up and it was a place we all could find rest and peace.

This year so much of the busyness of the season has come to a screeching halt as we are asked not to gather in groups outside our family circle. This means no banquets, concerts, parties or special services. Our first reaction might be to bemoan our loss, but maybe we should rethink that. I do not know how many times in past Christmases I have heard people say they are exhausted after Christmas is done. They run from event to event as if missing something might cause them to miss out on Christmas. I know I often hit Christmas Day so worn out I inevitably come down with a cold.

So maybe we should thank God for wiping the slate clean for us this year, allowing us to ask once again, “What really is important?” Maybe that quiet place by the Christmas tree, where you can read your Bible and pray without having to run off to some activity is His gift to you!

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Maybe as we are still in the presence of Jesus this Christmas He will be exalted like never before, in a way he never could be in our hustle and bustle. In in His presence I know you will receive the gift of peace.

– Pastor Gary

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  1. Violet Dancy

    Hello ,

    I enjoyed your writing immensely . It echoes my thoughts exactly . I to enjoy the moments of peace , quiet , reflection and stillness in a world that never stops . This pandemic has forced us all to change our directions and reminded me of what’s really important . I feel a sense of calm that I haven’t had in years .
    I wanted to touch base with you . My friend , Ed Bussian presented me with a Save on Foods gift certificate, you had given to him for me . I have just secured a safe apartment . I , inadvertantly spent the past few years on and off the streets . Not your ( insert names people would call me or other homeless people , while throwing eggs , heavy objects and or speeding up if your trying to cross the street ) ‘ typical street person. I was naive and a victim of crime , furthermore my population gets to be living where all the criminals are . Grouping crime victims in with criminals may not have been a swell idea.
    My apologies for rambling . THANK YOU from the deep
    Warmth & Smiles .

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