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“We really do live in a beautiful place!” I am not sure where home may be for you, but you have likely looked out at a park, a mountain, a sunset, a majestic tree, a field of hay, a daffodil, or a hundred other scenes and gasped those words: “We really do live in a beautiful place!” God has provided an infinite amount of scenes that simply take our breath away if we are willing to take time and really see what is around us.

I grew up in central Alberta with its rolling hills and multi-textured farmlands, with the mountains in the distance. I went to school in Manitoba with its endless skies and fields that stretched to the horizon, not to mention the lake country a short drive away. I lived in southern Alberta for a time with the foothills to the west and grain fields to the east, and places like Waterton and Glacier National Parks a short drive away.

A move to the Okanagan provided endless views framed by the lakes that define lakes and orchards and vineyards. Finally, a transfer to Vancouver Island with its ancient forests and majestic ocean views further expanded my sense of wonder. Now add to this my visits to Europe, South America, the Caribbean, the Philippines, and coast to coast across Canada and I am awestruck with the beauty of this planet that God gave us to enjoy and care for.

In Romans 1:19-23 the Apostle Paul reminds us that all this beauty is meant to elicit from us a response of awe and praise to the God who created all this. Sadly some people look at the trees and mountains and animals and worship them. Many years ago God gave these instructions to Abraham: “Lift up your eyes” (Genesis 13:14). May we see the beauty around us and then lift up our eyes and give thanks to the Creator of all these things, the Lord God Almighty!

– Pastor Gary

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