Can you imagine what it was like for Noah when he was on the ark with all those animals? For those unfamiliar with the story, God saw the evil caused by people, so he said he would destroy the earth by a great flood! He found one man who was righteous, a man named Noah who was commissioned to build a huge boat – bigger than a football field! It was called an ark.

Well, people had lots of time to get on board with God’s plan as it took Noah one hundred years to build that boat! Well, the day came when the rain started, and God sent a two of all the animals to enter the ark with Noah and his family, then God shut the door and the water started to rise. Soon all the earth was covered in water, and all the living things that did not enter the ark were destroyed.

Well, the rain finally stopped, and the waters subsided and the door to the ark was opened. Talk about a time of isolation – Noah and his family were stuck in that boat with the animals a full year (Noah’s 600th year!). No internet, no cell phones, no cable TV, no stereos or PVRs. Just three sons and their wives, and his wife… and a menagerie of animals!

And when it was all over, God put a rainbow in the sky and said this was the sign that he would never destroy all life by water again. It was the symbol of promise of better days, the sign of hope.

Let me remind you that better days lie ahead. COVID-19 will not last forever, and some day we will look up and sigh a prayer: “Thank you Lord!” Until that day, look for signs of God’s promise that better days lie ahead. Look to the rainbow. Look to the sunrise. But above all, look to the cross of Calvary where Jesus said he would wipe away our past with all its failures and pains and replace it with a promise of an eternity in the wonderful presence of God. Our faith connects us with the promise, and the God who offers us this promise of life. Our faith must be in Jesus. Embrace the promise, but better still, embrace the God who makes the promise. And hope for better days to come.

– Pastor Gary

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