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Good morning Church!

It is Friday, and all week the news has been centered on the COVID-19 crisis. People have selfishly hoarded food and supplies, people have wagged fingers at other people, and many are living in fear. Many do not see an end to this.

That is why I chose to post the pictures of these beautiful daffodils growing just next to the church building. Many are just starting to open, and some, like the lone flower I added, are in full bloom. These simple flowers, that no one has tended or cared for, remind me that God cares for His creation. In Matthew 6 we are reminded that the same God who cares for these simple flowers which will be gone in a week, cares for us.

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow …

but seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness …”

Matthew 6:33-34

There is always hope when we look to Jesus. And as we look in Hid face we see peace. Things are still under His control. And we are His. We are safe.

May we face today, and tomorrow, in the confidence that Jesus is still watching over His children, and that is who we are as we repent of sin and put our faith in Jesus alone for salvation. Look at the flowers, still blooming despite the “crisis” all around them. They bring glory to their Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. So shall we.


God bless you!

– Pastor Gary

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