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Yesterday was Canada Day. In our church service tomorrow we will sing our national anthem and pray for our nation. It seems so appropriate to celebrate our country and humbly thank God for the privilege to live in this wonderful land.

Sadly, there are many people choosing to bypass Canada Day this year, saying the celebration of this day is to celebrate colonialism. They believe that because of the current conversations about residential schools and the damage done by the Indian Act that we should cease to celebrate Canada Day. There is even a movement called “Cancel Canada Day.”

I think that is so wrong. I have studied enough of Canada’s history to know that many mistakes have been made over the years, just as in other countries. It is tragic that so much damage was done to our indigenous people and their cultures. Sadly, they were not the only victims, for over the course of the last 155 years we have systematically mistreated Chinese and Japanese immigrants, Ukrainian and German immigrants, Middle Eastern immigrants, and the list goes on. These are not moments to be proud of, for sure, but trying to dismember the one day we collectively reflect on our history as a nation is wrong.

There once was a hope that “He [God] would have dominion from sea to sea.” These words taken from Psalm 72:8 reflected our founding father’s hope that we could be a Christian nation. Would a Christian nation commit genocide? No. Would it lock away Japanese citizens out of fear? No. Would it build its railroads on the backs of Chinese immigrants? No. Would it allow islamophobia? No.

You see, Canada has never been a Christian nation. Instead, we see the results of sin in a nation choosing politics and wealth over salvation. To this day we have not seen revival sweep our land. Instead we see a fallen, broken, sin ruled nation. Instead of trying to erase our past, we should repent, seek God and let Christ teach us how to truly love each other. We should pray for our land: “O Canada.”

– Pastor Gary

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