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Last week I pulled out the pump for the fountain that pours water into the fishpond. Sadly it is not a fish pond anymore as the racoons ate my fish!

Nonetheless, I love the sound of the running water, and watching as the water trickles down the three levels into the pond. I understand the flowing of the water brings life to the pond, and aerates it for the fish as well as helping to prevent algae build up in the pond. That is nice, but I set up the pump simply because the running water reminds me of a flowing stream or small waterfall.

Jesus once told a woman at a well about a spring of water that would well up to eternal life (cf. John 4:14). She had come with her jars to a well to draw water, a task she needed to do almost daily to provide for her family. Imagine Jesus giving her water that flowed and brought life to her for all eternity! She was very interested in that kind of water.

Jesus was not talking about physical water, however. He was speaking about the living water He brings, which is the life He brings to all who put their faith in Him. It starts from within a person, where the Holy Spirit lives, and from Him comes life that keeps flowing out from us, touching those around us with the love of God.

My fountain needs a pump to circulate the water, reusing the same water over and over again. It draws water from the pond, up a tube and sends it out of the top of the fountain. The water tinkles down the three jars and back into the pond where the cycle starts all over again. If there is no water in the pond, there will be no water for the fountain.

The fountain of water Jesus speaks of does not depend on a pond or some other source. The living water Jesus brings comes from God Himself. He is the source, and there is an endless supply. There is no need to recycle the life He gives, for we can never exhaust His supply. As we come to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we are reminded that the living Christ offers to us a fountain of life that will never end. He is the source of that life. Let us put our faith in Jesus and receive the living water he offers us today.

– Pastor Gary

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