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It was a lovely day for a picnic, so we bought some burgers and fries and headed to the beach. We climbed among the rocks along the beach until we found a comfortable yet secluded spot to enjoy our lunch.

No sooner had we sat down when this seagull decided to join the picnic. He was quite used to people, maybe because he had a crippled foot and hobbled as he walked along the rocks. He found it easier to beg for food than to find his own.

As we unwrapped the food he sat five feet away watching intently, hoping something might fall, or better yet, be tossed his way. I suggested to my wife that we not feed him until we were ready to leave because I was sure he would call all his friends if he got any food from us. We munched through our onion rings, fries, and burgers and he sat on the rock watching, staring, maybe even glaring!

Finally, as we were finishing up my wife tossed him a piece of bun from her burger. It disappeared in one gulp, and then the seagull gave out an ear-splitting cry. Yes, he was calling his friends. Soon we had another on the rocks with us and several circling overhead. Sigh. It was time to leave now…

I thought about the patience of that seagull. He watched for twenty to thirty minutes as we ate our food in front of him, hoping he might get something. He just stayed close enough that we could not forget him, and could easily throw him a bite of food. He did not make a sound, but waited patiently.

I am nothing like that seagull. I come to God seeking something from Him, and I ask again and again and again, waiting quite impatiently for God to act. I behave like I think God should act on my schedule, according to my timing, instead of waiting for Him. I do remember what God said through the Isaiah the prophet:

“They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength…” (Isaiah 40:31 KJV).

Sadly, I am not very good at the waiting part. “Lord, help me slow down and learn to wait for your perfect timing. Amen.”

– Pastor Gary

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