I had the privilege of visiting one of the seniors from the church this past week. She lives in a senior home, and has not been able to attend church for two years now because of health issues and COVID. She tried to come to church this past Sunday but was exhausted before she got into the sanctuary and had to go home. Not many visitors have been allowed in the facility, so feeling isolated. This person does not have a computer or cell phone to watch the livestreamed services from her church, so feels quite disconnected.

It would be so easy to bemoan all the losses and say with Ebenezer Scrooge, “Humbug to Christmas!” Why decorate? No one will see the decorations anyway. Why try to add cheer to the room when life is so difficult? Why celebrate when it seems there is nothing to celebrate?

Yet when I walked in the room it was clear a different choice had been made. Why not celebrate, for Christ did come! Why not decorate, because Jesus brings “good tidings of great joy!” Why not prepare the room for celebration and worship, because this season is not about us, but about Jesus? We may not have family or friends to join us this Christmas, but we still have a guest: Jesus!

As with most things in life, what kind of Christmas we have will depend on our attitudes, our choices, and our faith. Believe you will have the worst Christmas ever, and you will. Believe that the Christ will come to you again as you worship Him, and you will have the best Christmas ever. What choice have you made?

– Pastor Gary

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