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If you look at the picture in today’s post, what do you see? Is the bright light the sun? Or is it a street light? Would you believe it is the moon?

It was early in the morning, just as the sun was starting to rise, and I looked up and saw this beautiful moon. The cell phone photo makes it look more like a star burst, but it was a bright, beautiful moon.

I started to think about that moon, for it does not produce any light of its own. It simply reflects the rays of the sun back at us. That beautiful bright moon was simply reflecting the glory of our sun.
Is that not what we are to do as children of God? Are we not supposed to reflect the glory of the Son? We have no light in ourselves, but we are still called “the light of the world” (John 5:14). We do not produce light, but we reflect Christ’s light to the world.

Imagine what would happen to our world if the sun stopped shining. Very quickly the temperatures would plummet and all life would cease. We need the sun not only for the growing of the plants, but for our own warmth as well. We would be plunged into darkness and the only light we would have is the tiny twinkle of the stars. We would not even know there was a moon, for there would be no light for it to reflect back to the earth.

What if there was no Son? What if there was no God in heaven, the God who revealed himself in Jesus? We too would be cast into darkness, with no warmth, and no love. It is the grace and love of God found in Christ that brings light and love to this world. Praise God we have not been left alone. How do I know that? I see the reflected glory of God in the faces of His children, and through their lives. Love, compassion, kindness, and goodness are all reflections of the Son in our world. 

– Pastor Gary

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  1. Mildred Pringle

    Yes, the light shining out is contagious. I’ll never forget when I was 12 yrs old. on my way walking to school a complete stranger greeted me with good morning, how are you today. I needed that so badly. God uses everything we offer to Him.

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