Two weeks ago I was jogging my usual route when I looked on the ground and saw a $20 bill. As I stopped to pick it up I noticed two more $20 bills. I could hardly believe my good fortune. I immediately started to plan what I would do with this win fall. Supper out with my wife. A new shirt. A couple good books.

I put the money in my pocket and started jogging again. As I ran, the Lord remind me that I had made a commitment to put “found money” into my Alabaster box. (The Alabaster box is our church’s way to raise funds for buildings and property on the mission field)
I would gladly put the coins I found on the ground into my box. It is amazing how many coins you can find dropped or tossed away by others. It was easy to put nickels and dimes, even the occasional loonie or toonie, into my Alabaster box, but this was $60! That is real money!

Then the thought came to me, “So I can give God what costs me nothing, but when it hurts to give, I am hesitant?”

Ouch! I knew I had to rethink my ideas of generosity and stewardship. Don’t get me wrong: my wife and I are generous in our giving to the church and any other project God brings to our attention. We are truly blessed as God looks after our needs through the generosity of the church. We know we are blessed, and we believe that our blessings are meant to be shared with others.

This day, in this situation, I was faced with a test. (God has a way of doing that so we get an honest evaluation of how we are really doing on our spiritual walk!) It would be easy to make an excuse, to make an exception on what I promised to do, to compromise. Alternatively, I could demonstrate the fact that God always comes first by giving Him even this win fall…

I chose to give it back to Him! 

– Pastor Gary

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  1. Mildred Pringle

    Yes, thanks. I too had a found windfall in the change I received from the store was a gold piece that looked like a toonie. I cashed it and sent it to a missionary who needed a motorcycle. It makes me happy to remember that occassion. So we never know where our help will come from, but it’s all from the Lord. He said if you are faithful in little, I trust you to be faithful with much. He loves to surprise us.

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