The Pastor’s Blog – DUCKS IN A ROW

This week’s picture is from Westwood Lake where I spotted these geese lined up to enjoy the sunshine. They made me think of an expression a friend used every time we were planning a project: “We need to be sure we have our ducks in a row.” That saying comes from the early 1900’s, and refers to waiting for the ducks to line up in a shooting gallery before firing.

The meaning is more important than its background. It means to have everything worked out, to be well organized and prepared before starting your task. This is always my goal, to be ready and organized so that there will be no surprises when the meeting, the worship service, the children’s event takes place. Of course, we cannot plan for every contingency, but certainly good planning makes a huge difference in whether something will succeed or fail.

Getting our ducks in a row may apply to more than the projects we undertake. It also applies to how we live our lives as well. Ephesians 5:16 speaks about “redeeming the time”- use it wisely. Jesus spoke of planning well before building a tower, speaking of our need to count the cost of following him (Luke 14:28). Most importantly, Jesus speaks of putting one’s faith in Him alone to gain access to the Heavenly Father. (John 14:6) Jesus is the only way to salvation, through faith, confession, repentance and being born again! This is “getting our ducks in a row” spiritually.

We hear so much talk today about the signs of Jesus’ second coming. With all the unrest politically and economically, along with the COVID (pestilence) and other natural disasters, it is easy to identify these with the signs Jesus spoke of before His physical return to earth. For those who “have their ducks in a row,” who have by faith turned to Jesus for salvation, this is good news. For those who still need to “get their ducks in a row” spiritually, this is troubling news. They will not be ready to stand in the place of judgement.

Which person describes you? Are you ready or needing to get things right with God spiritually? My prayer is that you are ready, and so is your family. If you are not, why not “get your ducks in a row” today? All it takes is a simple, heartfelt prayer, “Jesus, I am yours!”

– Pastor Gary

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