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I have played on many different teams, and I have played many different sports. My favourite words at the end of a game or match are these: We win!

When I was eight years old I made a decision to join the winning side of life. It was then that I committed my life to following Jesus. I knew Jesus died to save me from my sins and gladly I accepted his offer of forgiveness and eternal life through repentance and faith. From that day on, I was on the winning side of life. I read the end of the book and it is clear Christians come out as winners, no matter what trials they face on earth, what persecution they may endure, or what troubles make up life. Some believers are even martyred for their faith, but they still win in the end, because death is NOT the end of the story. (The Bible makes this so clear I am surprised so many people have not seen that.)

People today are so anxious about what is happening around them. They fear COVID 19, or the government, or the vaccine, or the World Health Organization, or the collapse of the economy. I want to tell them, “Read the end of the story – God’s story found in your Bible – and see that God wins and all who have put their faith in Jesus for salvation share that victory. Join the winning side!”

This freeing truth came to me as I looked at this photo of Englishman River Falls. A river is swallowed up by a crevice in the earth. (I know, at this point you are going, HUH? Stay with me… )

In Revelation 12, we read of an epic battle between a dragon and the angels, and then the dragon attacks a woman who gives birth to a male child. The woman flees to the wilderness, and the dragon, in anger sends a river of water to destroy the woman. We read in Revelation 12:16 that the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river and saved the woman.

The point? The woman is Israel out of which came Jesus, our Saviour. The dragon is Satan who tried to destroy Israel, but God protected her, and still does. And the woman has other children, “those who keep God’s commands and hold fast to the testimony of Jesus.” (Rev. 12:17) That would be Christians today.

The point of the story? God is protecting his people, and nothing can defeat or destroy them. It is a picture of this simple truth: as God’s children we win!

I know things are crazy in our world today, and people do not know who to believe or what will happen next. But I suggest you turn off your TV, close down the computer and turn YouTube and Facebook off of your phone, and grab a Bible and read the end of the story!

Your blood pressure will drop, and you will smile again knowing God wins! And those who have put their faith in Jesus are on the winning side: We win!

Many people need to hear this, so pass it on…

– Pastor Gary

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