2020 July 12 Sunday Morning Live


We are glad you are here …

JULY is officially here! School is over and summer has just began!

As we possibly consider a quick get-away during the sunny months or some time to connect with family and friends, let us continue to find ways to daily connect with our God in the midst of the challenges we currently face.

Join us as we look into the life of Abraham … and together find encouragement as he lived by faith in the midst of the challenges of his day.

This coming Sunday is Communion Sunday. We invite you to have juice and bread ready as we remember and celebrate what Christ has done for us.

Sunday Morning Live Stream will start in

2020 July 12 | Obedience | Genesis 12:10-20 | Songs

Join us at 6PM tonight for a Church Parking Lot Sing-Along

Join us for Bible Study – Tuesday Evening or Wednesday Morning via Zoom.

Canada Pacific District Assembly 2020

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