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Don’t you love it when your day starts with someone greeting you with a cheerful voice; “Good morning!” I know, some would rather sleep in longer, but it you must get up, isn’t better when your day starts with a happy, hopeful, cheerful word?

Good morning! Add a cup of coffee, and maybe a cinnamon bun or some fresh, hot pancakes soaked in maple syrup and the day is set to be great! Share a smile with someone else at the breakfast table, and pass on the greeting, “Good morning!” and the day has started well.

We usually look forward to the new day and anticipate good things will happen. Outings or visits, good meals and exploring new activities: the potential for each day is limitless. Even when our bodies are limited, the options before us are still great if we have the right attitude.

Some day we all hope to hear the sweetest “Good morning” ever uttered. It will be from the Lord Jesus Christ, as He awakens us from the slumber of death and welcomes us home. Jesus likened death to sleep (see John 11:11), which truly takes the sting out of death. We know that after sleep comes the new day, and Jesus is promising a new day in heaven for those who put their faith in Him.

I needed to be reminded of this wonderful truth as my wife and I had to say farewell to three people this week because of death. But our great hope is that each of them, by the grace of God and the faith they expressed in Jesus during this life, will wake up to that glorious “Good Morning!” from Jesus. Then just imagine what the rest of the day – an eternal day – will be like?

My only regret is that not everyone will hear that wonderful “Good morning!” from Jesus. Those who reject Him in this life, have no time for Him now, who refuse to seek His forgiveness and choose to be masters of their own destiny will wake up to a sad morning. So gladly I will pray that simply prayer I was taught as a child, and mean it will all my heart:

“Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep.”

– Pastor Gary

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